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OPEN CALL – Design Prescribed (Design for Hospitals Reading Group)

Published date
25 Oct 2018

By Sophia Luu, MA Art and Science, CSM

Image credit: Artist Jeremy Hutchinson’s artworks to help create a supportive cancer environment at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre. Photo Max McClure

Sophia Luu is making an open call to join her in establishing a reading group and design collective:

“We all use the NHS at some point in our lives.

But those who are regular visitors of hospitals and NHS buildings don’t always feel like these places look like they can make you feel better. Many wards are impersonal, bare and do not visually reflect the care they are receiving.

In 2011, Newnham University Hospital was the first hospital in the UK to implement a Design Council and Department of Health initiative in order to solve problems of aggression towards staff. It was a great example of how design improves NHS user experience.

While there has been a lot of fantastic work for Children’s hospital wards, fewer projects focus on improving the experience of adults who are long term stay patients. I want to change this.

I am looking for students from all disciplines and colleges to form a reading group which will eventually become a design-for-good collective. We will begin by visiting various exhibitions, critiquing current hospital wards with the aim of working on live projects in NHS hospitals around the UK.

Projects could range from designing hospital gowns, redesigning bed space or visuals to improve patient experience: but all will be shaped by the interests of the group. This is a great chance to use what you have learnt and make a huge impact on perceptions towards health design.

I’m particularly interested in those in the following courses/ skills:

MA Service Design
MA Product Design
MA Graphic Design
MA Architecture

But open to others too.

If interested, please contact Sophia ( for more details. I hope to hear from you!