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'Doorsteps' for WIOP Vol.2

black and white photo of famioly standing on the doorstep of their home
black and white photo of famioly standing on the doorstep of their home
'Doorsteps' by Izzy Schreiber MA Fashion Photography, London College of Fashion
Written by
Post-Grad Community
Published date
22 June 2020

By Izzy Schreiber, MA Fashion Photography- London College of Fashion for Walls in Online Places Vol.2

On March 23, 2020 life in the United Kingdom drastically changed. A government issued lockdown was put into place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. During these unprecedented times I felt a necessity to document my immediate surroundings and community. On March 25, 2020 I began to photograph families and individuals on their doorsteps in West London.

The collection speaks to hope, resiliency, and positivity in a time that is full of uncertainty and loss of life. While each of the individual doorsteps document the household, together they represent the community. The series navigates the idea of the public and private space of the doorstep. The doorstep becomes this space in limbo, neither safe nor dangerous. Each photo carries this implied weight of stepping from one’s home in the midst of a pandemic.

The series takes place in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The majority of the 120 images are taken on the streets north of Ravenscourt Park. The participants were contacted and responded via a flyer through the letterbox. The whole project was shot on 5x4 film.


Download Izzy's Full Doorstep Photography project PDF (26MB
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Izzy's website

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