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Distanttogether text with guitar and plant on a table

'DISTANTtogether' for WIOP Vol.2

Written by Post-Grad Community
Published date 29 June 2020
By William Crosby, Boris Gétaz, Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin, Mary Lemely-Miller and Nicol Parkinson, MA Sound Arts at London College of Communication for Walls in Online Places Vol.2

DISTANTtogether is an improvisation project between students on the MA Sound Arts course, currently displaced around the country/globe during the COVID-19 crisis. Coordinated by Nicol Parkinson, and bridging homes across London, Cambridge, and Montreal, a date and time is given, and participants enter a simultaneous ritual of recording short sound improvisations with whatever objects, instruments, appliances, beings, and body parts they see fit. Occasionally others enter into the recordings, including both human (Phoebe, Pascal, and Louise), and non-human friends (Eddie the cat, and Gertrude the pigeon).

The recordings are then lined up, and the resulting collage is presented unedited. These works feature multiple moments of unintentional synchronicity, and documents new sonic sensibilities developed during this period of domestic sound making.

Listen to DISTANTtogether on Sound Cloud

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