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'Aural Conjuring' for WIOP Vol.2

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Aural Conjuring - Missing You- Victoria Karlsson, PhD student (CRISAP), London College of Communication
Written by
Post-Grad Community
Published date
01 July 2020
By Victoria Karlsson, Practice based PhD student at London College of Communication, CRISAP for Walls in Online Places Vol.2

I am currently isolating in my home just outside of London, with my partner and my cat. I have been furloughed from my job since mid-April, and as my partner is shielding, we try to go out as little as we can at the moment. I am a sound artist, and I am interested in the possibilities of listening.

I created the online performance 'Aural Conjuring' wanting to use the act of listening as a way of reaching out towards the world, towards people I miss, towards a different (better?) future. It is a way for me to listen to what is suddenly distant, towards a multitude of possible futures, but also a way of listening towards my fears and anxieties.

Aural Conjuring - Alternate Futures

Aural Conjuring - Missing You

Aural Conjuring - Resistance

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