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Past Communities of Practice 2013-2016 Student Projects

Postgraduate Student Communities of Practice – Previous Projects

Below is a list of the student projects that have been funded to date, click on the images to open their dedicated project blog sites.

Read more about the Postgraduate Student Communities of Practice Fund.

Photo of a round metal object on the ground with a black shoe next to it

Art and Mental Health Forum

The Socially Engaged Collaborative Art Practice ‘Living Archives’ and Mental Health Forum was started to give UAL's MA, PhD and research staff a space where they could meet to present research interests and engage in dialogue.

Photo of a metal cart on wheels with empty plastic bottles inside

UpCycling Plastic Cart Project

MA Architecture students worked with UAL Sustainability Coordinator on the creation of a mobile machine that could transform plastic waste into products visible to those who usually throw them away.

Photograph of a woman on a stage in front of a TEDxUAL sign

TEDxUAL 2017

TEDxUAL 2017 focused on the theme of Momentum. It was a day of inspiring talks, full of thoughts, stories and ideas exclusively for UAL students and staff.

Photo of a disc around a metal pole

Test Lab PhD Reading Group

Test Lab, in collaboration with the Doctoral Platform at Central Saint Martins, invites all UAL PhD students to attend and participate in a series of presentations at Central Saint Martins.

Photo of a man holding a guitar standing in front of a yellow background

Art to Artillery

A comedy short produced by NOWNESS, featuring a quirky high-end designer duo recounting the story of how their foray into sustainable luxury artist design descended into gun manufacturing.

Photo of a pile of books

Craft Readers Group

Led by PhD students, the Craft Readers Group meet on a monthly basis to facilitate critical reading and argument building through semi-structured conversation on specific themes.

Cartoon drawing of a woman drawing speech bubbles all over a wall

Graphic Facilitation/Recording: Visual Tools for Art, Art Education

PhD student Pen Mendonca organised a workshop that introduces postgraduate students to the concept of graphic facilitation practice and its potential within art, art education and research.

Photo of a woman standing against the railing of a boat

Co-Thinking About Future: SELF/CONTROL

An exhibition where four curators from different UAL postgraduate courses came together to exchange ideas on the future of New Media in varying art practices.

Photo of someone wearing blue pants

Space for Failure

An initiative to promote experimenting and testing of feminist/queer performance concepts. The project provides postgraduates a performance space, small audience, equipment and group feedback.

Cream background with 'London Video Arts' printed on it in black

LVA Salon & Online Exhibition

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the London Film-makers Co-op and the 40th anniversary of London Video Arts, PG students planned an online exhibition and salon to showcase LVA works previously not widely exhibited.

Piece of white paper with the words 'characters, him, her' typed on it

The Story of The Panda Bear told by a Saxophonist who had a girlfriend in Frankfurt

In this project postgraduate students created a physical environment to enable a unique study of the effects of virtual spaces and social media on the experience of seeing.

Piece of white paper with black line sketches on it

Graphic Notations and Scores

Students from different disciplines worked together to create a series of graphic notations and scores which aimed to 'record' a live event that can be 'replayed or re-enacted' for a future audience.

Black image with a white square draw on it with the words

Volume dissolves into atmosphere 

The symposium involved a conversation between UAL Chair of Audio Culture and Improvisation Professor David Toop, Ed Kelly, Antonia Blocker and Hamish Dunbar.

Red photo of a man with long hair

ARCADIA - All Nighter

In the run-up to the 60th Anniversary of the London Film-Maker's Co-op, students staged an all-nighter in a photo chemical film production space housing much of the co-op's original equipment.

Species of Space/s and other Pieces

Body Fit with Stewart Home

This performance based project saw a collaboration between students and artist Stewart Home with a unique performance that saw him leading a 'body weight' exercise class at Central Saint Martins.

Photo of a large room with brick walls with a brown sack hanging from a beam and a white sculpture


A professionally selected cross-college postgraduate visual art exhibition, CONFLUX showcased the best postgraduate work produced in the 2014-2015 academic year at UAL.

Photo of a cardboard model of a building lying on a table

Open Wide - Margate

An experimental project supported by Margate's Resort Studios where the team explored how contemporary art, design practice and publications can change people's perceptions.

Photo of a room with a blue fence leaning against the wall as well as am upturned desk with a sign on saying

The Shed at Resort - Margate

This five day community focused event looked to engage people in thinking about their surroundings and how they can re-use materials to create a public space.

Photo of two women wearing ice cream cone costumes on their heads with black circles fixed over their mouths and black and white colours on

Goat in the Coal Mine

An exploration of the intersection of performance and conservation and in particular preserving and documenting ephemeral performance.

Photo of two cinema screens next to eachother. One with the back of a woman's head on with her hands up and the other with a woman facing the audience

The Carousel 

After hosting a performance by artist collective Soda_Jerk, the team invited the audience to explore themes of hauntology, digital necromancy and the projection event's ability to re-animate film's latent spectres.

Photo of someone standing in a white room where a group of blue poles are leaning against the wall held back but a large piece of yellow material

Species of Space/s and other Pieces

This exhibition was an exercise in questioning the idea of space, but also questioning the way work of arts are traditionally hung.

Photo of a woman dressed in black standing against a white wall with her arms up and red marks around her outline

Cut Shoot Break

By setting up a life drawing class with a nude model the team saw how each photographer captured atmosphere, line, movement and measurements.

Photo of three woman standing in front of a white wall with 'done without' written on it and holding signs saying

The Piece May Be Fabricated

A week long experimental project exploring how contemporary art and design practices and technologies can be explored and re-imagined in relation to Lawrence Weiner's 'Declaration of Intent' 1968.

Photo of two people standing in a white room hanging pictures


An exhibition which sought to explore the interplay between the artist, the viewer and the location setting, the latter being a 'display space' within an art school context.

Photo of a room with two mannequins in facing eachother

Beauty of Birth

Project exploring the process of birth and the changes to women's bodies both mentally and physically through the installation of a pop up multi-sensory store.

Photo of the Design Museum in London

Moving Image Group (MIG) Screenings

A series of Moving Image screenings intended to develop interdisciplinary discussions and debate around significant artist film and moving image works.

Photo of a white wall with the words

Chelsea Salon for UAL PG Community

This Chelsea Salon event was hosted by CONS Project London, it included over 60 works by artists from the UAL Postgraduate Community and alumni from UAL and Goldsmiths College.

Photo of a brown board against a black background with yellow post it notes and pieces of paper on it


A team of students came together to question the current relationship between aesthetic judgement and social distinction and present their own observations through the building of a confession booth.

Aerial view of a woman sat in front of a piece of white paper with writing on it, holding yellow post-it notes

Bridging the Divide

Bridging the Divide was a design research symposium and workshop that examined how designers develop and apply design methodologies for interdisciplinary practice in cross-cultural contexts.

Photo of two people holding up pieces of card with a yellow circle on with cut out slots for their faces and 'happy hour' printed on it

Happy Hour

An interactive performance art project exploring the happiness among students and staff of UAL. This was done via interviews and the performative occupation of communal spaces such as lifts.

Blue background with Moving Image Group text printed on it along with

Live in Your Dreams

The exhibition provided a platform for engaged dialogue between art and unconscious remains creating a playful and inexhaustible terrain.

Photo of two people sitting at a table under a green structure with the words

The Animation Workshop

A workshop held in Central Saint Martins' Street which looked to encourage awareness of well-being though the collaborative process of moving image.

Photo of the back of a woman standing on stage

South Asian Youth Cultures & Fashion

An international interdisciplinary symposium questioning the role of clothing cultures within the changing transnational discourse of consumerism, sexuality, faith, politics and media technology in South Asian youth.