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Pre-sessional Assessment Help

Do you need urgent help?

If you need urgent help during your pre-sessional assessment, click the 'Chat with an expert' button in the bottom right of this page to speak to someone who can help you, or email

Starting your Pre-sessional Assessment:

  1. Download Respondus Lockdown Browser
  2. Login to Moodle
  3. Go to the ‘Pre-sessional 2021’ course page
  4. Click the 'Reading and Listening Tests' section
  5. Click on the test
  6. Read the instructions
  7. Click 'Launch Lockdown Browser’
  8. A pop up box will ask for permission to open Respondus Lockdown Browser. Check ‘Remember my choice’, and then select ‘Allow’

Your assessment will then begin.

Technical Problems

If you are having technical problems and cannot start the assessment, first make sure you can answer "yes" to all of these questions:

  1. Do you have enough storage on your computer to download Respondus?
  2. Do you have a strong, stable internet connection?
  3. Are you are using Google Chrome or Firefox browser?
  4. Are you accessing the test through Moodle?
  5. Have you deactivated any firewalls, ad-blocking or anti-virus software before you start the test?
  6. Do you have a working camera and microphone, and have given Respondus permission to use them?

Still need help?

If you can answer "yes" to the questions but you still cannot start your assessment, instant message us by clicking on the "chat with an expert" box on the bottom right of this page or email We will help you.