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Learn a modern language

UAL modern languages homepage banner with images of geographical landmarks and 'hello' in seven languages

Learn a modern language with an arts and culture focus in central London. Choose from Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish.

Our 8-week Languages, Arts and Culture classes teach you about architecture, design, cinema, cuisine, fashion, art, design and more while you study the language.

French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish Beginner Part 1 courses are open for booking now. Courses start in late April.

Please note: From summer 2020, our Languages, Arts and Culture courses will only be available to UAL students and staff.

Choose a language

French, Arts and Culture

French classes with an arts and culture focus.

Japanese, Arts and Culture

Learn Japanese for beginners and explore Japan's culture and arts.

Spanish, Arts and Culture

Explore Spanish arts and culture as you learn Spanish in London.

Italian, Arts and Culture

Learn Italian and explore Italian arts and culture.

German, Arts and Culture

Learn German and explore the arts and culture of German-speaking countries.

Mandarin, Arts and Culture

Mandarin Chinese classes with an arts and culture learning focus.

Arabic, Arts and Culture

Learn Arabic with a focus on arts and culture.

What our students say

  • “My course was very well designed for beginners, the teacher was very helpful"
  • "I really enjoyed the lessons. The atmosphere was positive and friendly and I found out a lot of useful stuff"
  • "Excellent teacher, explains complicated grammar and rules well and makes it easy to understand"
  • "Great teacher, super motivating and encouraging - I'd love to continue!"
  • "Fantastic class! Looking forward to a follow up!"
  • "The studying process was very interesting and easygoing"
  • "The lessons were very enjoyable and fun. I have learned a lot and feel more confident"