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Memory, storytelling, testimony


4 minutes 13 seconds
Director: Alberte Agerskov

What happens when you are between languages? Between memories? Between places? What happens when you are inside connections with other humans, yet somehow feeling more connected with another reality, just as potent? Earth? Rocks? Dreams? Does there, underneath our constructed languages that are used, misused and constantly translated, mistranslated and misunderstood from one to another, lie other relations, other ways of communicating? The short film, Accretion, evolves around matter and mind accumulating between us and on the surface of the earth. Thoughts on our abstract understanding of reality, in a distortion of time and space.

Artist bio

Alberte Agerskov

Alberte Agerskov is studying MA Fine Art (year 1) at Central Saint Martins. Her practice is currently researching a non-anthropocentric consciousness of the landscape and the human body, tied to a search for the new role of the object, within and with a double-sided understanding of matter that is both physical and spiritual.

Alberte is from Denmark, but lives in Italy and speaks French and Italian.

ACCRETION by Alberte Agerskov

Silvery letter types arranged in a circle
Ona Telos (Tanya Hlavatskykh/ Glavatskix), 2020/21 Language Art Project, UAL, MA Fine Art graduate from Chelsea

Types without a title (2021)

Wooden types, plywood
44cm x 44 cm

A panel made of wooden letters that were found at a burnt-out printing house. It is composed of different-sized letters of the Ukrainian and Russian alphabets chaotically mixed with each other, but making up a single integral composition. It is a meditation on what it means to be born into a bilingual family. The artwork also reflects on how to survive a traumatic experience when the two countries from which these languages originate are in a state of insoluble conflict and war.

Artist bio

Ona Telos (Tanya Hlavatskykh / Glavatskix)

Ona Telos (the artist name of Tanya Hlavatskykh/ Glavatskix) is a recent MA Fine Art graduate at Chelsea College of Art. Her works explore information and art philosophy. She grew up in a bilingual Ukrainian-Russian family and speaks five languages.


4 minutes

How could a Story be told? Or how could a narration be present? The text-based video installation simulating a typewriter and projecting on the artist's body explores the possibility of narration.A story told through a third-person perspective. A journey presents how "she" misrepresented herself and struggled with her identity. It Shows how "she" and people around her are deeply affected by gender binary thinking and misogyny culture in China. In the video, "she" thought only boys could be strong, indicating that girls always be seen as fragile by default and girls are mostly judged by appearance, whereas boys are not. These deep-rooted thoughts and oppression prompted her "afraid of being a girl."

Artist bio

Zichen Wang

Zichen Wang is studying MA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. Text and video have been central to her practice. Zichen is Chinese and speaks Mandarin and English.

Untitled/20210415 by Zichen Wang

A painting of two women standing back to back. The woman at the front looks at the viewer, the tones are muted.
Donna Poingdestre, 'My Knees Own Arms Contact', MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins UAL, Language Art Project 2020/21

My Knees Own Arms Contact

Acrylic, gouache, paper on wood panel
30 x 30cm

I have been exploring objects as witnesses which stemmed from a broken record I received at the beginning of my MFA that belonged to my mother whom I lost as a child over 40 years ago. This record’s functionality is compromised as it is broken but is treasured as my only connection to her. Through this project I revaluate my position as a mother of three grown children within the maiden mother crone analogy through the combination of testimonial writing, scratching of surfaces and image also implying marks of cleaning, scrubbing.

Artist bio

Donna Poingdestre

Donna Poingdestre is studying  MFA ( year 1) at Central Saint Martins. She is currently combining personal writing and exploration of objects as witnesses within her painting practice.