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Language development for students

We offer English language development for UAL students who speak English as an additional language.

See how we can help with your studies and have a look at our Language Development blog for more information about our latest courses and tutorials.

Bookable tutorials

Book a 30 minute tutorial with a language tutor.

Drop in tutorials

Discuss your work with a language tutor for 30 minutes, without needing to book.

Dissertation tutorials

Our dissertation tutorials are for students who are writing their final major assignments.

Online tutorials

With an online tutorial you can email up to 500 words to a language tutor who will give you feedback and advice on your written work.

PhD tutorials

If you are a PhD student requiring help with your writing, please get in touch with us and we will find you a tutor. We can help you develop your writing, style, tone, structure and more. Read more about PhD tutorials or email any enquiries to and include PhD tutorials in the subject.

Academic English skills classes

These classes help you improve language and skills around areas such as note taking and giving presentations. They take place at different colleges throughout the year.

Course specific classes

These classes offer guidance with the language and skills you need for your specific degree. If you have an English language development class attached to your main course of study, you will see it on your online CELCAT timetable. The title will begin with the words ‘Language Development’. Read more about English Language Development classes.