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Online Payments FAQ

What currencies do you accept?

All payments are denominated in GB Pounds Sterling. We are unable to accept payments for other currencies using this service.

Will my bank/credit card company allow my payment?

For large amounts, particularly those drawn on non-UK cards, please obtain prior approval from your bank or credit card company for the payment to avoid delays in your transaction being processed. If you do this, payment is to "University of the Arts London" and not an individual college. Banks and credit card companies often decline unusual payments in size or in another country to protect the account holder. The card issuer will not talk to us about your account; they will only speak to the cardholder, so you will need to contact the card issuer yourself.

Who can make payments?

Payments can be made by students, parents or other sponsors. The identity information about the student will still be required in order to pay online. The details that we check in the opening pages are designed to ensure that the payment is allocated to the correct student's account rather than to restrict who can make a payment.

If you know that the "Student Number" and "Date of Birth" details you are entering are correct but cannot access the service, it may be that the service is not currently available. The system is available at most times of the day and night. It is not available when a security copy of the student database is being taken. This means that for a period of a few hours each night the system is unavailable. Please try again at another time.

What can I pay for?

Payments can be accepted for tuition, registration where payable, accommodation and graduation guest tickets.

Are my payments secure?

The pages in which you enter payment information are secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology provided by COMODO. If you would like to confirm that the Digital Certificate is valid, click on the icon on the payment pages and find out more about the security provided. You should also check that :

  • the website address in which you enter your card details starts with 'https'
  • there is a padlock at the bottom of your screen.

Both are required to make sure your data is secure.

Where can I find my Student Identification number?

If you are starting your first course at UAL in September 2018, you will find your Student ID in your offer letter, it will be an 8 digit number starting ‘18’, e.g. 18000001. If you started prior to 2018 your Student ID will be alpha-numeric, e.g. RIC17994352.

If you are unable to find your ID, please contact:

I'm not yet an enrolled student. What is my student ID?

If you are not yet a student at University of the Arts London but want to make a payment, you still need to use the Student ID that has been allocated to you. You can most easily find it on the documentation sent to you by the College about your enrolment.