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Admissions Policy

University of the Arts London has a key objective to provide educational opportunities for students from a wide and diverse community.

The University seeks to harness students’ personal and intellectual growth, provide access for those who would not otherwise contemplate higher education and prepare students for life beyond the University.

The University aims to attract and retain students who have the potential to succeed and benefit from the experience.

University of the Arts London is committed to an Admissions Policy that is:

  • Consistent in application and operation; that is to say that all staff dealing with admissions will be fully trained in order to be consistent in giving detailed information about the admission process to applicants and their advisors;
  • Transparent in its procedures and process; a commitment to providing clear, accurate, complete and accessible information on its courses, relevant entry requirements and associated admissions procedures. Applicants will have access to information about the admissions process via emails throughout the process and in relevant content of this Apply section in order to understand what to expect at a Portfolio Review or Interview or the time within which they would be given a decision on their application;
  • Accountable to all stakeholders; ensure that clear, consistent and accessible information and guidance is available to all stakeholders in the admissions process be they applicants, parents, advisers or University staff involved in admissions;
  • Managed clearly and responsively; the University Recruitment and Admissions Group is responsible to the Executive Board, Academic Board and Senior Managers for the development of policies and initiatives in relation to  good practice and University and national initiatives. The University Recruitment and Admissions Group includes as standing members senior University managers and College Deans. It is supported by a practitioner group of senior admissions practitioners. It is also an operational group tasked with planning and reviewing admissions activities throughout the year;
  • Professional in all aspects of its execution; University admissions will be managed centrally for the 6 colleges by the Head of University Admissions. Staff will be fully trained in all aspects of admissions and through on-going communication will share good practice and University initiatives at a local and national level.