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Loans and Grants for Continuing Students Who Started in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017

Students continuing a full-time undergraduate course at UAL need to reapply for UK Government funding every year and should be aware of what to do if their circumstances change.

Reapplying each year

Remember that you need to reapply for funding from Student Finance England each spring for the next year of your course. To reapply for the 2018/19 academic year:

  • Students receiving Home funding should reapply using their online Student Finance account or by printing and completing a 2018/19 PR1 form, which can be found using the Student Finance form finder (select English student – full-time, then Apply for student loans and grants, then 2018/19, then Yes, I’m a continuing student). To ensure you receive your funding on time, you should apply by a specific date in June 2018; we will update this page when the date is known. If you will be on a work placement year in 2018/19, see the Placement year section below.
  • Students receiving EU funding should reapply using an EU18PR form, which can be found using the Student Finance form finder (select EU student – full-time, then 2018 to 2019, then Yes). To ensure you receive confirmation of your Tuition Fee Loan in time for the start of term, submit your application by the end of June 2018.

Receiving your full entitlement of Maintenance Loan

If you are receiving Home funding and provide your household income when you apply, you can be means tested. This means that the amount of Maintenance Loan you will receive depends on your household income; having a lower your household income will mean that you receive a higher amount of Maintenance Loan.

If you do not provide your household income when you apply, then you will only receive the minimum amount of Maintenance Loan, which may be less than the amount to which you are entitled; see the tables below. If you have already applied and subsequently wish to provide your household income details, you can do so using your online Student Finance account or by contacting Student Finance England and asking for the relevant form.

If you have any questions about fees, funding or other financial issues, please contact the Student Advice Service.

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