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Student Liabilities

1. In order to progress or complete their University education satisfactorily, students should meet all obligations associated with the University, College and course in full.

2. The obligations associated with the University, the College and the course include the following:

  • Payment of all tuition fees related to the course
  • Payment of any residence fees or accommodation charges
  • The return of any borrowed property, including books, visual aids and equipment or payment of compensation if the property has been lost
  • Repayment of any loans, e.g. hardship loans, made by the University
  • Any academic requirements.

3. A student failing to comply with these obligations will be regarded as having outstanding liabilities, unless such obligations have been discharged or explicitly excused.

Outstanding Tuition Fee Liabilities

Students are expected to pay their fees in full at enrolment unless they can demonstrate evidence of having taken out a fees loan or having their fees paid by a sponsor, which could include the Student Loans Company. Where this is not the case they will need to agree to the conditions set out in the temporary enrolment agreement.

If payment is not subsequently made in line with this agreement, the student will be sent three reminder letters by the Finance Department requesting payment. If the debt remains after this process has been completed then legal action may be taken to recover the debt and the student will be regarded as having outstanding tuition fee liabilities.

A student with outstanding tuition fee liabilities may be excluded from learning activities until payment or explicit agreement has been effected. If a student does not pay their outstanding tuition fee liabilities to the University within a reasonable time, the University reserves the right to expel them from the University and to terminate the Academic Contract. Advice is available from the Finance Department on detailed aspects of fees regulations.

Although having an outstanding tuition fee liability will not affect the assessment process, it will affect a student's ability to progress to the next year of their course or to receive their certificate or transcript. Students will not be provided with their certificate or transcript if they have an outstanding tuition fee liability.