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Looking after your personal property and that of the University

1. The University does not accept liability for loss of or damage to clothing or other property left by any person on its premises.

2. It is therefore essential that you take reasonable care of your personal property. Do not leave valuables, money, cash cards, bank books or keys unattended at any time. Keep them on your person if possible.

3. If you are using expensive or valuable personal property, you are advised to make arrangements for its insurance against being stolen or damaged away from your home, in addition to its inclusion in any domestic contents insurance.

4. Should you lose property on the University’s premises, report this to University of the Arts London security or buildings staff as soon as possible. Equally, should you find lost property, hand it in. All lost property is recorded.

5. The University also needs your assistance in protecting its equipment, much of which may be attractive to the opportunist thief. Where security devices are provided, use them and do not compromise security by leaving rooms unattended and unlocked or by giving code numbers or access to other people. Tell your tutor, technician, security or building staff immediately if you see anything suspicious, but do not put yourself at risk.

University of the Arts London Facilities Helpdesk is available on 020 7514 8000 / 2222. Insurance queries should be referred to your School Office or Finance on 020 7514 6030 / 2306 / 8870.

Contact information

UAL Facilities Helpdesk:
020 7514 8000 / 2222

School Office or Finance:
020 7514 6030 / 2306 / 8870