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Attendance Monitoring

I’M IN Attendance Monitoring

I'M IN Attendance and Engagement

At University of the Arts London we recognise that student attendance and engagement can be a significant contributing factor to attainment.

I'M IN is an automated solution to capture attendance and engagement in your course.

In 2013, 32,000 students across the UK dropped out of university after a year of study. We want to ensure that our students are given the right help and support to continue their studies at the time when they may need it most.

I'M IN helps us to identify quickly and early students who are not engaging regularly with their course and sign post them to the help and advice they need. It will also speed up the registration process at the start of classes.

I'M IN is currently active for students studying at London College of Communication and Wimbledon College of Arts for undergraduate students.

Recording your attendance is as simple as tapping your student ID card when you enter your timetabled class or studio space. You only need to tap in when you arrive.

Students can make sure they are tapping the correct reader by checking the reader display for the room number.

Contact us

For questions about I’M IN, or support for attendance monitoring, email:

For support for absence or attendance concerns please speak to your course leader.

Attendance policy

The University is required to monitor your attendance and report, as appropriate, to the immigration authorities, Local Authorities, and student finance agencies.

Read the full policy

Using your card

  • Tap in by holding your card to the base of the reader. To make sure the correct card is tapped be sure to take it out of any wallets that may have other chip readers.
  • The screen will verify if you have successfully tapped in, (Just like an oyster card with TFL) you will see a green tick and ‘verified’ on the screen.
  • If the reader doesn’t verify you, try once more and if your card does not register see the ‘faulty card’ section below.
  • At the start of your class you should tap in when you are ready to enter the room, you don’t need to tap your card when you leave the class.
  • Tap your card on the reader for each timetabled teaching event you attend. Even if you are going through a change of class, module or course, you should always tap in with your card.
  • If you have difference timetabled events in the same teaching space you should tap in again at the commencement of your second event.
  • If you do not have your card please notify the teacher of your class at the end of the lesson, if applicable, as you will be marked absent.
  • Remember it is a condition of being on campus to carry your student card with you at all times.

Lost, forgotten or damaged cards

Carrying your Student ID card is compulsory while you are at any of the UAL Colleges. It is your responsibility to care for your card and ensure that it is in a recognisable and functional condition.

If you find that you have forgotten your card, or have problems registering your attendance, please continue to attend all your timetabled teaching events and notify your tutor that you were present for the class, if applicable.

If you have permanently damaged or lost your card you will need to replace this at the earliest possible convenience. It will cost you £5 to replace your card. You can do so using the relevant eStore links below:

Chelsea, Camberwell and Wimbledon Colleges

Central Saint Martins

London College of Communication

London College of Fashion

Please note you may only own 1 ID card at a time. If you lose your ID card it will be deactivated as soon as a replacement is printed and activated.

It's your responsibility to look after your registration card and to have it with you for all of your teaching events. If you attend a teaching event without your card, or forget to tap in, you will be marked as absent.

Faulty readers

If you find that the reader in the room is faulty, tap in anyway. In some classes you may be asked to note your attendance on a paper register. Processes are in place to quickly identify faulty readers and to ensure that faults are rectified as soon as possible. Your attendance record won't be affected if the reader in your classroom isn’t working.


If you are absent for 5 or more working days it is important to let the university know. This allows us to add your absence to the I'M IN System and ensures your absence is communicated to the Course Team.

Please note that a notification of absence does not excuse you from submissions or assessments. It is best to speak with your course leader if you will be away from class. You may wish to consider alerting us formally through the Extenuating Circumstances (EC) process here: Extenuating Circumstances.

If you are having difficulties with your studies, the University provides a range of support services where you can discuss any personal, legal or financial issues that may affect your studies. Find the contact details at: Student Services.

You can notify us of your absence by submitting an Absence Notification form. Use your UAL log in details to submit this form.

If you have any questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us by email