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Information for Student Reps

This year, UAL will be introducing Unit Evaluations across all HE courses.

How can Student Reps help?

When you receive an email telling you that a Unit Evaluation is open for your class, encourage other students to complete the survey and explain to them why their feedback matters and how taking part can help to bring about change. You might even be able to give them some examples of where previous student feedback has had a positive impact on your course.

If you have time, you might also discuss with your fellow students the importance of giving feedback that is as constructive and useful as possible, and which is most likely to help your course team and the University to understand where change is needed. You can find more information about this in the Guidelines for Giving Useful Feedback.

Student Reps play an important role in Unit Evaluations by promoting the feedback system and encouraging fellow students to make the most of this opportunity to tell the University about what matters to you most. This only works if students participate - if no one says anything, no one can listen!

As Student Reps, you should also be given the opportunity to discuss the results at your course or programme committee, and you might find that the data can act as a useful starting point for other discussions with your course team, or at your Dean’s Forum meeting

How does it work?

One week before the end of each unit, you and your fellow students will receive an email asking you to respond to 10 short questions about the unit that you have just studied.

You just need to open the link and complete the short, anonymous, online survey on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device – it will only take a few minutes. Each survey will be open for two weeks make sure you respond straight away.

Find out more

The Students' Union will be able to help you with any queries that you have about the Unit Evaluations process or your role as a Student Rep. Visit the Students' Union website for more information.