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Sources of help for Complaints and Appeals

Find out who to contact if you want to submit a complaint or appeal, as well as sources of advice and guidance.


All appeal forms should be emailed to the University Appeals Unit:


Student Complaints

All complaints forms should be emailed to the appropriate College Student Complaints Officer:

Camberwell Chelsea Wimbledon


Central Saint Martins


London College of Communication


London College of Fashion


Accommodation and Housing

Complaints relating to accommodation or housing should be sent directly to Accommodation Services.

Other University Services or Departments

Complaints about any other University Service or Department should be emailed directly to the department.  All department contact details can be found on the University website, or alternatively you can contact the University Complaints Unit to find out who you should submit your complaint to.

Central University Complaints Unit

You can contact the central University Complaints Unit by emailing

Sources of Help and Advice

The following University services can offer help and support in making a complaint or appealing an exam board decision:

Students' Union

Tel: 020 7514 6270


The Students' Union Advice Workers can discuss any concerns you may have about your time at University and answer any queries you have about the complaints or appeals process.

Disability Service

Tel: 020 7514 6219

Webpage: Disability

The Disability Service can advise on arranging reasonable adjustments, carry out disability needs assessments and inform you of your rights as a disabled person.

Mental Health Adviser

Tel: 020 7514 6531/ 0207 514 2988

Webpage: Mental Health

The Mental Health Adviser can also provide advice and guidance on mental health, will liaise with other professionals and can advocate on your behalf if necessary.

Counselling Service

Tel: 020 7514 6251


Webpage: Counselling

The Counselling Service offer a safe space for you to discuss issues and reflect on the concerns that are affecting you, whether it relates directly to your studies or not.

Diversity Team

Tel: 0207 514 9876

Webpage: Diversity

The Diversity Team can offer advice on your right to fair treatment, and the legal protections you are afforded in terms of discrimination on grounds of age, disability, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual orientation, trans, social class or caring responsibilities.