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Careers and Employability offers online careers advice to help in your job search and application process. This includes information on CV writing, how to conduct yourself in an interview and how to build a strong portfolio.

As well as online advice and guidance, Careers and Employability offers a range of workshops and talks to help you with your career journeys.

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How to find jobs

Helpful advice on how to find jobs using, job sites, social media and recruitment agencies.

Two students reading reference books

How to write a CV

Get online advice about how to write a strong CV when applying for jobs.

How to write a cover letter

Get online advice about how to write a strong cover letter when applying for jobs.

Group of students at a round table

How to build a portfolio

Get online advice about how to build a strong portfolio.

Interview skills advice

Get advice on how to prepare for and conduct yourself in job interviews.

CVs and Portfolios

How fill out job applications

Get online advice on how to fill out job applications.

International students: work while you study

Find out about working while you study as an international student.

Find jobs in your country

Online advice and guidance on finding work back in your home country.

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Develop your skills and strengths

The Creative Attributes Framework is designed to help you to develop the qualities, experience and behaviours needed for a rewarding professional life.