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Our internship policy

The Creative Opportunities Internship Policy sets out the rules we expect employers to follow if they want to advertise internships with us. This includes offering to pay interns in accordance with National Minimum Wage. Please read the following information which forms our Internship Policy before submitting your opportunity.

Creative Opportunities only advertise internships that pay in accordance with the National Minimum/Living Wage at To avoid doubt, all internships must state the salary and hours of work so we can ensure that they fit within our policy. There are also other rules that we expect all internships advertised on Creative Opportunities to follow.

If you don't follow these guidelines we might not advertise your opportunity or there might be a delay in it appearing online.

If an employer offers students or graduates an unpaid or expenses only position from a post advertised through us that employer will have their account locked. They will be barred from advertising any further job vacancies or internships on Creative Opportunities.

Internships guidelines

We can advertise internships on Creative Opportunities that conform to our guidelines. Please ensure your placement complies with all these points.

Offer an opportunity for a student to learn new skills from an expert

The internship should offer students and graduates an opportunity to learn new skills from a 'mentor' or expert in the area of work the internship is covering. This is beneficial to both the intern and the company, helping to develop skilled and motivated workers.

Health and safety guidelines

Students and graduates on internships are NOT covered by the University’s insurance policy.

Before hiring an intern you should make sure your employee insurance covers them. By advertising with us you are confirming that you have Liability Insurance and a Health & Safety Policy in place. Speak to your insurer to check that students on Internships are covered by your existing policy.

For more information consult the Health & Safety Executive guide to Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969.

Take place in an office or studio environment

We expect all internships advertised with us to take place in the normal working premises of your business. This is so the employer can supervise and mentor their intern on a daily basis. We don't advertise internships where the intern must work from home, all or part of the time.

Curriculum work experience/internships

Some courses need students to undertake a period of work experience, or an internship as an assessed unit. These are for a set period of time and these students are exempt from entitlement to the National Minimum Wage. Internships advertised on Creative Opportunities are not related to student's courses so Minimum Wage guidelines apply.

If you wish to offer work experience or an unpaid internship within a course, please contact relevant course tutors. We do not organise placements like this. You will find contact details for course directors in the college course details on the University's website.


Please read our Employers FAQs and if your question is not answered there, please email us at and we will get back to you within 3 working days.

Policy updates

This policy was updated and revised in January 2014 and replaces the previous Creative Opportunities 'Work Placement' Policy. This policy may be revised at any time.

Internships advertised on Creative Opportunities are not connected to a University course and are extra-curricular activity.

Some courses expect students to do a long work placement or internship as a credit-bearing part of their course. We do not advertise these placements on Creative Opportunities. Please read the guidelines below if you want to offer this kind of opportunity within a course.

For further information about paying for internships please phone the Pay and Work Rights helpline on 0800 917 2368 or visit GOV.UK.

We have consulted best practice codes issued by:

  • Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS)
  • National Association of Student Employment Services (NASES)
  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills
  • Arts Council England
  • Intern Aware

For more information, please visit GOV.UK.