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Essential coronavirus info
We can’t wait to welcome our new and returning students from 19 October 2020. Your safety is our first priority.

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Languages, Arts and Culture: UAL’s modern languages programme

Written by Tanya Campbell
Published date 15 October 2020

What is the Language Centre?

At the Language Centre, we teach modern languages to students and staff, who want to learn as part of their professional development, to improve their career prospects, or just out of an interest in world cultures and arts.
Our courses are 6 weeks long and cost £190 per term. This year, autumn term starts on 2 November and finishes on 7 December.

Why learn a language at UAL?

Learning a language gives you another perspective from which to see the world, broadening your global outlook and your ability to adapt to different situations.
On our courses you’ll learn about world cultures and improve your intercultural skills, knowledge which is crucial to creating openness and tolerance.
Joining one of our language classes will provide you with the perfect opportunity to meet students and staff from all over the university in an equal learning environment. And many employers also greatly value language skills in their staff as it demonstrates strong communication and interaction skills.

Adapting to the pandemic

This academic year all our classes will be taught online ,using Microsoft Teams as the learning platform.
Digital learning facilitates collaborative work and ideas sharing with classmates and your tutor in a time-flexible and efficient way. Language learning is very much about developing your communication skills and you can practise these skills easily on the online learning platforms with your classmates outside of class time too.

What about students in different time zones?

We know that many students are joining their courses from different time zones. To give some of these students the opportunity to learn a language, we have opened some classes at 10 am GMT. Please check our website for the full timetable.

What students say about our courses

“The classes are amazing. They’re really fun. The teacher is really patient with us and I really enjoy these classes, not only because we’re learning about the Arabic language, but also because we learn about the culture and traditions.”
Jordi (Arabic)

“I like studying Japanese at UAL Language Centre because I am with a group of people who share my interests and we learn a range of topics, not purely grammar.”
Carlotta (Beginners Japanese)