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From Arabic to Mandarin: Get a taste of our new language courses this September

  • Written byStudent Communications
  • Published date14 September 2021
Colourful photo collage by Naroa Perez Iguaran Copyright holder: Lewis Bush.

New term, new language

Enrich your time at UAL and connect with other students by signing up to our Language, Arts and Culture programme. The first term of courses start from Monday 18 October and last 6 weeks, languages include Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Japanese and French.

Want to try before you decide?

No need to rush your decision, log on to the Language Arts and Culture’s free taster sessions and live Q&A on 21 September to ask any questions about the programme and get a taste of our courses on offer.

Our Language Taster Day on 21 September is free

Taster Schedule on 21 September

Japanese 10-11am

Italian 10-11am

Arabic 10-11am

Mandarin 10-11am

German 3.30- 4.30 pm

Spanish 6- 7 pm

All sessions will take place on Microsoft Teams.

You can book a taster online.

Speak to the tutors -  22 September

The Big Welcome Q&A will be hosted on 22 September, from 10-11am, during which Language Centre tutors will respond to any questions regarding learning languages at UAL and the Language, Arts and Culture programme, in general.

Book a place on the Big Welcome Q&A.

Ready to join?  Here's some more information

Language, Arts and Culture online language courses offer language learning with a focus on arts and culture.

You can sign up for a 6 week course in one of the following languages; Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, German, Japanese and French.

Term 1 runs from Monday 18 October to Friday 26 November. Classes take place online on Microsoft Teams from 6pm – 8pm, and there are also some classes from 10am-12pm. The course fee is £185.

We know that many students are studying in different time zones. To give everyone an opportunity to learn a language, some classes will begin at 10 am GMT.

Why learn a language at university?

Learning a language gives you another perspective from which to see the world, broadening your global outlook and your ability to adapt to different situations. On our courses you’ll learn about world cultures and improve your intercultural skills, knowledge which is crucial to creating openness and tolerance.

Joining one of our language classes will provides the perfect opportunity to meet other students and staff from all over the university in an equal learning environment. Many employers also greatly value language skills in their staff as it demonstrates strong communication and interaction skills.

Adapting to the pandemic

This term all our classes will be taught online, using Microsoft Teams as the learning platform. Digital learning facilitates collaborative work and ideas sharing with classmates and your tutor in a time-flexible and efficient way. Language learning is very much about developing your communication skills and you can practise these skills easily on Microsoft Teams with your classmates outside of class time too.

What students have said about the courses

“I went from knowing no Italian to being able to form sentences and speak to other people, giving my opinion and asking questions. I feel I learnt so much in such a short space of time.”

“My tutor has been very helpful with taking my German language knowledge to the next level. The classes were very interactive and being in a small group helped me engage with the class better. The class materials and given homework were very helpful.

“The classes are amazing. They’re really fun. The teacher is really patient with us and I really enjoy these classes, not only because we’re learning about the Arabic language, but also because we learn about the culture and traditions.”