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'Artificial AI: datasets, ethics and deep learning' workshop and symposium at the CCI

Artificial AI: datasets, ethics and deep learning
Artificial AI: datasets, ethics and deep learning

Written by
Hannah Powell
Published date
01 October 2019

The UAL Creative Computing Institute (CCI) has just announced that their next fellowship has been awarded to artist and researcher, Anna Ridler.

As part of this, Anna has created the exciting learning programme, 'Artificial AI: datasets, ethics and deep learning’ - and all UAL students can apply!

About Anna Ridler

Anna has exhibited at institutions such as the V&A Museum, Ars Electronica, HeK Basel and the Eden Project. She has been nominated for a 2019 design of the year award for her work on datasets and was listed by Artnet as one of nine “pioneering artists” exploring AI’s creative potential. She is interested in working with collections of information, particularly self-generated data sets, to create new and unusual narratives in a variety of mediums, and what happens when things cannot fit into discrete categories.

About the 'Artificial AI: datasets, ethics and deep learning’ programme

The programme is focused on recent cultural interest in the dataset. It will give you an introduction to some of the theory behind machine learning and why looking critically at datasets is important.

It will be made up of a workshop open to all current UAL students (no matter which college or discipline you're studying) and a public symposium, ‘Machine visions, art, AI and creativity’. Details are also being finalised for the end of the year and into 2020 for studio sessions, followed by a closing event and exhibition.

You can find full information in the online pack.

Apply to the student workshop

The workshop will run on two dates (choice of one):
Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 November, 9:30 – 5pm
CCI at Camberwell College of Arts

There are just 20 places available on each of the dates. This is a unique opportunity for you to learn about machine learning from industry experts, artists and curators. The workshop is beginner friendly and will benefit any UAL student who is curious about data, information, technology, libraries, archives, bias and ethics.

You can apply from now until Monday 21 October and successful applicants will be notified on Friday 28 October. You should first read and follow the advice in the online pack.

Register for the public symposium

Wednesday 9 October, 2 – 6pm
Lecture Theatre, Camberwell College of Arts

The event has capacity for 220 people and will introduce key ideas around machine learning and creativity. It will involve speakers including leading machine learning scientists, curators and theorists working in this field, such as Alex Graves, Georgia Ward-Dyer, Anna Holsgrove and Dr Sheena Calvert.

This is event is free and open to all staff, students and the public. Simply sign up on Eventbrite.