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Interlibrary loans

We've put together a series of Frequently Asked Questions to help explain how to borrow items which are not part of the collections held in the libraries of University of the Arts London.

What is an Interlibrary loan?

Items not held, physically or electronically in any UAL library may be requested by some users as Interlibrary loans. Books and journal articles can be requested from another library.

Can I request an Interlibrary loan?

You can request an Interlibrary loan if you are in one of the following categories:

  • Staff
  • Research student
  • Postgraduate Student
  • BA student – only if the item you are requesting is needed for your dissertation research

How many Interlibrary loans can I request?

  • Staff and research students - no limit to the number of requests possible
  • Postgraduate students - up to 15 Interlibrary loan requests
  • Undergraduate students - up to 10 Interlibrary loan items to support dissertation research only.

Please note we will aim to satisfy requests within the confines of the budget.

How do I request an Interlibrary loan?

You can request an Interlibrary loan item through the Library Search page. You must be logged in and then you will see an option for Interlibrary loans. Click the link and you can then search for and request items.

Do I have to pay for Interlibrary loans?

No, there is no charge for an Interlibrary loan. However, if you fail to collect the item you requested, you may be charged the cost incurred by the library for borrowing this item for you.

How will I know when my Interlibrary loan has arrived?

You will be emailed by your college library when your Interlibrary loan is ready for collection.

Where do I collect my Interlibrary loan from?

If your Interlibrary loan is ready for collection, please ask for it at the information point in your college library.

Is it possible to have an article sent to me electronically?

Yes, if you are unable to come to the library to collect the item, and the item you have requested is an article which has been ordered electronically then you can have the article emailed to you. Please note you need the right software on your device to read these articles. For more information about this please contact your college library.

How long can I borrow an Interlibrary loan for?

If you have requested an article it is yours to keep, you do not need to return it. If you have borrowed a book it will be issued to you for five weeks. It will be issued onto your record when it arrives in the library and you will be notified by email that the item is ready to collect. The five weeks start from the day the item is issued to you so please collect it as soon as you can.

Can I renew Interlibrary loans?

Interlibrary loans may be renewed once for a second period of five weeks. They cannot be renewed through the library catalogue, you need to email your college library to request renewal. Renewal is allowed or refused by the library the item belongs to and is not always possible.

If I return the item late how much will I be fined?

Interlibrary loan items are charged a £1 per day if they are returned late. If you lose or damage an Interlibrary loan item you may be charged a replacement fee which could be in excess of £150.

We have been accredited with Customer Service Excellence.