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New and expectant mothers

It is important that a risk assessment is completed for all new and expectant mothers (NEM) in order to identify any new or additional risks at work.

The assessment should be reviewed once during each trimester of the pregnancy, up until maternity leave starts. A new mother is defined as anyone who has given birth during the previous 6 months or who is breastfeeding.

Risk assessments for new and expectant mothers will usually be written by the Health and Safety Advisor who will meet up with the student to discuss her role / activities and any potential risks. Once completed, the risk assessment will be sent to the student and her course leader who should ensure that any actions raised during the assessment are carried out.

The course leader should also review the risk assessment with the student at least once during each trimester of the pregnancy.

Please click on the following link to download the form:

New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment Form - Students (Word 25KB)

New and expectant mothers risk assessment - process for students:

  • Course Leader informs the Health and Safety Advisor that they would like an NEM risk assessment carried out for a student.
  • Student and Course Leader complete risk assessment form and send it to the Health and Safety Advisor.
  • When required, the Health and Safety Advisor meets with the student and Course Leader to discuss the risk assessment.
  • Course Leader ensures any actions raised during the risk assessment are completed.
  • Course Leader reviews the risk assessment during each trimester and upon return to College as a new mother. In most cases, once a student returns, their activities will revert to being covered by the risk assessment(s) for their course. However, where mothers are still breast feeding or have specific recommendations from their GP these factors should be considered at this review.