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Nathan Cohen

MA Art and Science Course Leader
Central Saint Martins
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Nathan  Cohen


Art, science and technology, interdisciplinary collaboration, process, perception, interactive installation.

As an artist my work is centred on visual perception. I am engaged in interdisciplinary research in collaboration with scientists, including the development of retro-reflective projection technologies (RPT) within a fine art context. I explore ambiguities in perception of space through two and three dimensional images, constructions and installations. Recent research has also focused on the art-science relationship and has resulted in collaborative projects in Japan, including RPT (Tachi Lab, Keio University) and Saccade Based Display (NTT). In 2010 I was Visiting Researcher at Tachi Lab, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, Japan.

Recent collaborative research has resulted in interactive installations exhibited at Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria (2008) and the Aisho Miura Gallery, Tokyo (2010). These artworks incorporate projection technology combined with motion sensing and real-time projection onto retro-reflective surfaces incorporated into 2-dimensional constructions created to give the impression of a three dimensional multi-layered space.

I am also making site specific artworks that challenge spatial perception in architectural environments, with installations exhibited recently in Havana, Cuba and Tokyo, Japan.