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Dr Jane Tynan

Cultural Studies Coordinator
Central Saint Martins
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Jane  Tynan


Jane Tynan is a lecturer on BA and MA design and communication courses at Central Saint Martins. Her research encompasses fashion studies, design history and visual culture. She has taught across a range of arts and humanities courses in Ireland and the UK, is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is series editor for Palgrave Studies in Fashion and the Body.

Jane Tynan’s research concerns the history and politics of design. She has worked on visual and material aspects of warfare, with a focus on uniforms and the body. This reflects her ongoing interest in the ordinary, often transient images, objects and spaces that mediate civil-military relations. Other projects concern the distinctive images and objects that mark transformations in law and order, protest and politics. She has contributed to various conferences and published volumes on conflict and visual culture. Publications include British Army Uniform and the First World War: Men in Khaki (2013) and Uniform: Clothing and Discipline in the Modern World (2019), both of which explore uniform as an embodied social practice.

Grants and awards

(Figures indicate amount awarded to UAL)

  • Pasold Research Fund, The Keffiyeh: mediating civil-military relations in the Middle East, £1,800.01, (2017-2017)

Research Outputs

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Current research students

  • Luca Federici, Transgressive Bodies: BDSM, radical performance and the law (Lead supervisor)
  • Ahmed Jameel, Collaboration in Graphic Novels (Joint supervisor)
  • Lydia Kaye, Digital Anthropology, wearable technology and gender (Joint supervisor)
  • Ray Kinsella, Post-war Britain’s First Youth Subculture: The Jazz Scene in Soho, 1945-1950 (Joint supervisor)
  • Yijing Wang, Ethnography through Animation: A case study of the Longhorn Miao people, (Lead supervisor)
  • Troy Wise, Branded Identity on Instagram: fashion aesthetics and social media (Lead supervisor)