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Professor Ian King

Chair in Aesthetics and Management
London College of Fashion
Researcher Research
Ian  King


Ian King holds a chair in Aesthetics and Management at the University of the Arts, London and at the London College of Fashion. He is also presently Chair of the College Research Degrees Committee.

Ian King is also visiting professor in a number of academic institutions overseas, including: University of Antwerp, Belgium; Karlshochschule International University, Germany; and Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, China.

He has published journal articles and books in a variety of areas including Aesthetics, the Arts (including fine art, dance and cultural theory), Continental Philosophy, Fashion and Organization Studies. For an indicative list see publications.

Ian King has successfully supervised over 30 research students in the areas of Aesthetics, Art, Continental Philosophy, Fashion and Organization Studies (in particular strategic decision-making) to successful completion and examined a similar number across a number of countries: including: UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Denmark and USA. He is currently supervising a number of research students.


Current research students

  • Eldina Begic, ‘How to wear utopia: a dress manual for the socialist future’ (Joint supervisor)
  • Bevan Bevan, Photographic Practice and the Place of Superposition: Status, Observation, Event (Lead supervisor)
  • Kelly Dearsley, A comparative study of print and digital fashion media: reading practices and reception. (Joint supervisor)
  • Berthe Fortin, Ritual Created Around the Crafting of Costume (Lead supervisor)
  • Jennifer Hayton, "How have the archive materials and costume objects in the Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection Theatre Archives (CSM M) and Stage Costume Special Collection (SCSC) influenced current costume practices?" (Lead supervisor)
  • Anthony Kent, An interdisciplinary approach to the conceptualization of retail environments (Lead supervisor)
  • Lisa Mann, Can new and innovative models of retail encourage more young fashion designers to experiment with marketing their products directly to consumers? (Lead supervisor)
  • Ilaria Martello, Space, body, costume: a re-framing of costume as a spatial and temporal dynamic in contemporary ballet. (Lead supervisor)
  • Anna Papadoula, Fashion collections in museums: The embodied minds hidden in the dresses (Lead supervisor)
  • Edwin Phiri, Inclusive Marketing to Enhance Access for Disabled People. (Joint supervisor)
  • Renata Santos Beman, Presenting the blind consumer: an investigation of the meaning of fashion clothing involvement in the absence of vision. (Lead supervisor)
  • Joanna Simpson, Hidden creative communities involved in the fashion catwalk show (Lead supervisor)
  • Catherine Smith, Disability, identity, fashion & clothing choice for women with mobility impairments (Lead supervisor)
  • Hee Sun Lee, Sustainable Design Management: Strategy as Practice in High-end Designer Fashion SMEs in the UK. (Lead supervisor)
  • Ulara Toma, Dress for Success: Japanese Women Leadership and their Subjectivity in the Choice of What to Wear at Work (Lead supervisor)


Business & management, and science
Fine art