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Alternative guide to postgraduate funding

Advice and information for prospective and current graduate students about applying for alternative sources of funding, particularly from charities and trusts.

The University has subscribed to The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Guide 2018-19, both the PDF publication and the Alternative Guide Online (AGO). This guide details how to find and apply to alternative sources of funding - especially charities - which make awards to current and prospective graduate students. Charities are an underrated funding resource, and often make awards to students of any subject and any nationality.  The guide was written by two postgraduate students who between them have won over £45,000 from 55 different charity awards. It contains model personal and financial statements and over 500 links to voluntary sector funding sources.

Access the PDF publication

The PDF publication is password protected.  The file can be accessed by all applicants and current students:

  1. Email and state whether you are an applicant or current student (and ID number), what course you are on or applying to, and also your College.
  2. Download The Alternative Guide to Post-Graduate Funding 18-19 (PDF, 5776KB)‌ and when prompted enter the password you received after completing step one.

Access the Alternative Guide Online (AGO)

Access to the AGO is for enrolled UAL students only:

  1. Please visit the Postgraduate Funding Gateway.
  2. In the green box - 'Register for personal username/password' - complete option 1. Please enter your email address and click 'Go!'.
  3. Please check your email for username and password, and try to login via blue box option 1.
  4. You'll receive a verification email (it could take a few minutes to arrive).
  5. You should be able to login through the gateway with your newly created username and password.