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Apply for a Research Degree

Applications for research degrees starting in October 2019 are open and will be submitted through the UAL online applications system.

There are 2 deadlines for applications, one for those wishing to be considered for AHRC funding, and one for all other applications. Please note, you may only apply to 1 College – we cannot guarantee that an application will be considered if it is sent to multiple Colleges.

Applications are only processed after each deadline has passed and it may take a few weeks for your application to be assessed and an update provided via the online application system.


  • 9am on Monday 12 November 2018 (applicants wishing to be considered for AHRC funding must apply to this deadline). Interviews to take place week of 3 - 7 December
  • 9am on Monday 15 April 2019 (non-AHRC funding applicants deadline)

Guidance before you apply

Your research proposal

Finding a supervisor 

You may already know the name of a supervisor you want to work with, or you may not yet have a particular supervisor in mind, either way you are welcome to contact and discuss your proposal with any of our academics – contact details, and their areas of research, can be found on the A-Z of UAL Staff Researchers.  If you know which college you wish to apply to, but do not yet have a particular supervisor in mind, then you can contact the college’s nominated academic for advice:

Choosing a College   

To decide which of UAL’s colleges to apply to please review the research specialisms of each college.  If you have been in contact with research staff and would like to list them in your application as a potential supervisor you should apply to the college they are based at, this includes staff from any research centres or hubs that you wish to be affiliated with; this information can be found on their staff research profile.

Apply online for a PhD or MPhil

Start an application by choosing the College and research programme you'd like to enter.

Other application routes