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Photography As Contemporary Imaginary

Logo of Photography and the Contemporary Imaginary

Co-organized by Beverley Carruthers, Wiebke Leister, Paul Tebbs, Esther Teichmann.

1 June 2016, 6.30, Typo Café, LCC

Book launch: ‘The Skin of the Image

The Skin of the Image (PDF 3.1MB)

9 July 2015, 3.30-5.30, Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London

Research forum: ‘Hysterical Art’. Invited participants: Sal Anderson, Karen Adwyer, Beverley Carruthers, Nicky Coutts, Errol Francis, Matthew Gartry, Stephen Haller, Julia Johnston, Ahmed Khaldoon, Wiebke Leister, Peter Matthews, Carol Noble, Liz Orton, Daniel Regan, Daniel Saul, Dolly Sen, Mo Throp, Maria Walsh, Hannah Zeilig. Collaboration with ArtBrain. Introduced by Sal Anderson, Wiebke Leister and Daniel Saul.

10 December 2014, 4.30, LCC

Lecture: Carol Mavor: ‘Auerlian Sadism; Turning the Fairy Tale’s Golden Key’. Collaboration with TrAIN.

19 November 2014, 5.00, LCC

Artist talk: Ingrid Pollard. Collaboration with TrAIN.

12 November 2014, 4.30, LCC

Lecture: Jenifer Chao: ‘Faces of Insurgents: Visualizing the Taliban’. Collaboration with TrAIN.

5 June 2014, 2.00-6.00, LCC

Research forum: 'The Skin of the Image; an Afternoon of Thinking about Photography, Touch and Portraying the Bodily.' Talks by: Victoria Ahrens, Beverley Carruthers, Deborah Cherry, Edward Dimsdale, Chantal Faust, Peter D. Osborne, Dallas Seitz, Paul Tebbs. Introduced by Wiebke Leister and Esther Teichmann. Followed by the Private View of BA Photography final exhibition.

8 May 2014, 5.30, LCC

Lecture: Deborah Cherry: ‘Revenants and returns in the photography of Maud Sulter’. Collaboration with LCC Graduate School & TrAIN.

24 – 31 March 2014, Nursery Gallery, LCC

Research show: Jananne Al-Ani, Beverley Carruthers, Robin Silas Christian, Edward Dimsdale, Matthew Hawkins, Claire Hooper, Tom Hunter, Mark Ingham, Melanie King, Wiebke Leister, Paul Lowe, Dallas Seitz, Tansy Spinks, Monica Takvam, Esther Teichmann, Val Williams.

27 March 2014: Practice Forum and Private View

1 November 2013, 2.30, LCC

Lecture: Howard Caygill: 'Staging Atrocity: Genet and the mis-en-scene of Shatila'.

17 May 2013, 11.00-5.00, LCC

Research forum: ‘Photography and the Imaginary’.

Presentations: Cathy Greenhalgh, Sally Waterman, Peter D. Osborne, Sophy Rickett, Corinne Silva, Paul Bevan, Fagner Bibiano, Paul Tebbs, Edward Dimsdale, Fernanda Albertoni, Tim Stephens.

19 March 2013, 3.00, LCC

Lecture: Margaret Iversen: 'Analogue: on Zoe Leonard and Tacita Dean'.

4 – 15 March 2013, Well Gallery, LCC.

Research show: Beverley Carruthers, Nicky Coutts, Edward Dimsdale, Cameron Haynes, Wiebke Leister, Sophy Rickett, Dallas Seitz, Corinne Silva, Patrick Sutherland, Monica Takvam, Val Williams, Lauren Winsor, Cemre Yesil.

Practice Forum and Private View on Mon 11 March.

8 Febuary 2013, 11.00-5.00, LCC

Research Forum presentations. Introduced by Wiebke Leister and Paul Tebbs.