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Duration and Events

The Duration and Event Research Group engages and questions the idea and materiality of time, duration and the construction of the ‘event’ across a range of fine art practices, theoretical, philosophical and discursive concerns.

The research work produced in relation to this context aims to set up propositions that critically reflect on the nature of the artwork (whether image, object or sound) as it is formed or situated in relation to temporality and duration, and explores how this problematises ideas of representation, historical narratives and the articulation of subjectivity.

A range of questions and concerns emerge from the various interrelations between these critical terms. Is the ‘event’ constituted as part of ‘duration’ as distinct from ‘time’? What is the experience of the phenomenon of an event in relation to representation? How does speed or slowness effect our perception of time and the image? Does time and duration open up different approaches to understanding ideas of subjectivity and politics? These questions set out, in brief, the beginnings of a framework for discussions and the formulating of new approaches to the making of and thinking about art.

Research group convener: John Seth

Group members

  • Jon Cairns
  • Graham Ellard
  • Christabel Harley
  • Lynn Hewett
  • Clunie Reid
  • Professor Paul Simon Richards
  • Hannah Rickards
  • Alex Schady
  • Erika Tan
  • Dr Duncan White

Recent activities and outputs