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Kamaira Anderson

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Theorising Hip-Hop Dance in London and Los Angeles through Community, Clothing, and Chorus

London College of Fashion

This ethnographic research sets out to examine the power and communicative value of the dressed body in contemporary hip-hop dance contexts, such as community classes, hip-hop theatre, events, and competitions. Through consideration of three key concepts- clothing, community, and chorus- I explore the ways in which clothing and communal dance are inevitably tied to the construction of personal and shared identities, by dancers and the participating audiences who observe them.

This research aims to advance current theoretical understanding of contemporary hip-hop culture, and provide the two identified hip-hop dance communities (East London and LA) with knowledge of their own cultural identity and communal histories to empower and propel them forward.


Donatella Barbieri

Agnes Treplin

Anna-Mari Almila