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Future Fashion

Published date
25 Jul 2018

It is time for a change

Current usage of our planet’s resources for the fashion demand is not realistic. A transformation of current systems is needed into one that is circular based and requires less from our planet’s resources; a new system that is positive and where all actions are designed to have minimum environmental impact.

The research

Our research focus is on Circular Economy, and how to enable today’s linear industry to transform into a circular sustainable industry. With a system perspective, we focus uniquely on the bigger picture and the interaction between the elements in the system. With an inter-disciplinary approach, the programme attempts to understand and proceed on research on the most relevant areas within the system that needs to change.

The program is organised into 4 themes:

  1. How do we design for a circular economy? We explore and evaluate the environmental potential of the design and user potential of short-life vs. long-life garments to find the most suitable choices for the transformation into a textile circular economy for different types of garments in order to develop recommendations, guidelines and tools for how to design for resource circularity.
  2. How do we stimulate a more circular supply chain? We identify what necessary actions in textile and garment supply chains will enable circular economy and deliver guidelines for governance on how to transform to and sustain a circular textile supply chain.
  3. How can users contribute to a more sustainable fashion? We make recommendations on how to encourage sustainable consumer behaviour and to increase user engagement in sustainable consumption. Specifically recommendations for achieving an increased degree of services for extended life of garments, reuse, and second hand consumption will be included.
  4. How do we increase the textile recycling? We develop knowledge on recycling methods and impact of post-consumer textiles to provide guidance on necessary steps to enable sustainable textile recycling.