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Kadian Gosler

Published date
18 Mar 2019

Futuristic Bras: Developing a Design Process for Bra Wearables

College: London College of Fashion
Supervisors: Professor Sandy Black, Dr Aurore Bardey, Dr Ana Roncha


This theory and practise-based research aim to develop a design and production process for bras with ‘wearable’ capabilities: i.e. smart, interactive, and E-textiles, termed Bra Wearables (BW). I argue for the bra - a feminine technology- to be evolved into BW through technological advancements; and to become a feminist technology designed and developed with women’s involvement, and their needs at the centre.

Context and background

This multi-stage research utilises a woman-centred approach focusing on the marginalised mature (45-64 years old) women to explore their experiences and relationships to the bra. These are examined using theories such as Affect Theory, Enclothed Cognition and Embodied Practice. A conceptual model is developed and employed to approach designing BW products focused on health & wellbeing.

As part of the research, an innovative BW design and production process is developed after extensively reviewing a range of design and production processes. This new process integrates the consumer at different points as a source of information and as participants. Samples are also created exploring diverse methods to incorporate the technology into the bra.