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Amy Congdon

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Tissue Engineered Textiles: How can the integration of textile practice and tissue engineering enable us to critically engage with the implications of what it means to work with living materials in design?

Central Saint Martins

This practice-based research investigates how we might design with living technology in the future - with a particular focus on tissue engineering and its potential impact on how, and what we make.

The practice is a mix of top-down speculative projects and bottom-up work within a tissue-engineering laboratory at Kings College London. With the ultimate goal of the research being to develop a materials and techniques library using hybrid textile and tissue engineering techniques.

The research is underpinned by Adamson’s, Carter’s and Sennett’s theories on craft and skill, alongside Kuhn’s and Latour’s notions of how scientific knowledge is constructed and challenged.


Professor Carole Collet

James Swinson

Professor Lucy di Silvio (Kings College London)