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Student research in textiles and materials

Current student research degree projects in textiles and materials.

  • Amy Congdon - Tissue Engineered Textiles: How can the integration of textile practice and tissue engineering enable us to critically engage with the implications of what it means to work with living materials in design?
  • Naomi Bailey-Cooper - How can embellishment deliver an alternative to the decorative and seductive notion of exotic animal materials?
  • Cathryn Anneka Hall - BLENDING IN AND OUT: Design for Extending the Value of Mechanically Recycled Blended Textiles
  • Miriam Ribul - Material Activism: The role of design research in the scientific development of regenerated textiles in a circular economy
  • Reiner Rockel - Self-regulating, knitted fabric system development for moisture harvesting to establish a micro-environment capable of sustaining plant life
  • Emily Towers - The Practice of Mending: Unravelling its Effect on the Wearer’s Relationship to Clothing.
  • Rosemary Wallin - Sustainable heritage and innovation for future luxury