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Essential coronavirus info
We can’t wait to welcome our new and returning students from 19 October 2020. Your safety is our first priority.

Student research in textiles and materials

Current student research degree projects in textiles and materials.

  • Amy Congdon - Tissue Engineered Textiles: How can the integration of textile practice and tissue engineering enable us to critically engage with the implications of what it means to work with living materials in design?
  • Naomi Bailey-Cooper - How can embellishment deliver an alternative to the decorative and seductive notion of exotic animal materials?
  • Cathryn Anneka Hall - BLENDING IN AND OUT: Design for Extending the Value of Mechanically Recycled Blended Textiles
  • Miriam Ribul - Material Activism: The role of design research in the scientific development of regenerated textiles in a circular economy
  • Reiner Rockel - Self-regulating, knitted fabric system development for moisture harvesting to establish a micro-environment capable of sustaining plant life
  • Emily Towers - The Practice of Mending: Unravelling its Effect on the Wearer’s Relationship to Clothing.
  • Rosemary Wallin - Sustainable heritage and innovation for future luxury