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Marcia Michael

Published date
19 Jun 2018

(Re)-enacting the maternal body as a site for ancestral memories. How can photography and oral history allow an imaginative re-embodiment of memory to recreate history through, and by, the body of a mother?

London College of Communication

This practice-led investigation examines my mother’s body as a site of memory. In addressing a history written with and against the archive of the black body, her body expresses the absence of representations by illustrating the black body in a genre of previously unseen black aesthetics. I use self-portraiture, photography and other media to reconnect and embody (her) stories and experiences of self, (past, present and future). These, as an expression of polyvocal narratives of re-contextualised memories, re-present an alternative history that allows the representation of the black female body to be re-positioned, filling the gap.


Dr Wiebke Leister

Anne Williams