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Madeline Yale

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Import/export: the rise of art photography in the Middle East - 2011

College: Chelsea College of Arts
Supervisors: Professor Oriana Baddeley, Professor Reina Lewis, Professor Elizabeth Edwards (external, University of De Monthfort)


My research explores the recent global proliferation of photographic artworks in the Middle East. It describes how economic and cultural intersections inform and influence this newfound photographic activity, questions what visual referents portray the region’s diverse identities, why its aesthetics and production are distinct within the context of contemporary art, and how this new Arab and Persian ‘art world’ is evolving in comparison to more established art practices worldwide.

This serves as a prism for the examination of conditions, mechanisms and implications, which emergent photographic practices, critical frameworks and photographic art establish histories regionally, nationally and transnationally. My research is theory-based.