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We can’t wait to welcome our new and returning students from 19 October 2020. Your safety is our first priority.

Student research in photography

This section contains ongoing projects within the area of photography.

Examples of completed research degree projects in photography can be found from the link below, with student names, colleges, thesis titles and supervisors. Digital versions of theses are available to view in the university's research repository where possible.

  • Alexander Awramenko - The Interstitial Space: Photography and The Extended Gaze
  • Julia Johnson - Beyond Participation: the use of participatory photographic methodologies in peer-led therapeutic environments by those accessing mental health services
  • Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari - The materiality of photography and the memory of the Armenian Genocide.
  • Sarah McAdam - Home is where the Art is: An examination of the display of art within domestic spaces.
  • Marcia Michael - (Re)-enacting the maternal body as a site for ancestral memories. How can photography and oral history allow an imaginative re-embodiment of memory to recreate history through, and by, the body of a mother?
  • Andrea Muendelein - Re-thinking stranger through Photographic Practice.
  • Madeline Yale - Import/export: the rise of art photography in the Middle East - 2011.
  • Cemre Yesil - The Photographic Embodiment of an Embrace: The mother-child constellation as a paradigm to explore the nature of the photographic double-portrait and how it manifests both the physical and mental relationship between self and other.