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Find out about the latest research and projects, conducted by UAL researchers, involving photography.

PARC is a UAL research centre associated with photography. One of our impact case studies submitted for REF 2014 illustrates Photography as a Medium of Artistic Importance and Social Relevance.

You can browse UAL Research Online, the University’s Institutional Repository, for an online showcase of all research produced at University of the Arts London.


Reeves Archive

A research project investigating and preserving the world's oldest photographic studio and archive. Funded by Lewes Town Council.

Art and Reconciliation: Conflict, Culture and Community

A collaborative project that aims to improve our understanding of a major current and future global security challenge.

Beyond Male & Female

A practice-led photographic collaboration with transsexual participants which examined transsexual gender practices.

Disciples of a Crazy Saint

An experimental and collaborative photographic documentation of Spiti's lay religious theatre and its performers, the Buchen.

Spiti Sound Archive

Seemingly remote, Spiti is increasingly plugged into a modernising Indian world of education, satellite television and tourism.