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Lorrice Douglas

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Discreet Works

College: Chelsea College of Arts
Supervisors: Professor Malcolm Quinn, Dr Zoe Mendelson, George Blacklock


My research focuses on discreet works and the intricate realm between private and public space. The terrain is circumvent, made up of components often considered as fragments, subplots and the everyday. I am undertaking a practical investigation into the significance of lightness and how fragments allude to something bigger than they are.

The practice pertains to something that I call 'slighter' references and I intend to test how slight they can be. In other words;  what kind of narrative interpretations can be established with minimal visual/verbal clues? I am asking the question to what extent does an audience navigate or experience the incidental, and how this can be measured within an academic research framework. What does a sensibility for the discreet, subtle and fleeting look like?