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Fagner Bibiano

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Out of sight: investigating perverse desire through photographic practice

College: Central Saint Martins
Supervisor: Susan Trangmar, John Seth


My research addresses the possibility of visualisation of perverse desire through photographic practice. It focuses on the theme of invisibility and the erotic in the context of publicly accessible urban spaces in London. Exploring photography as a medium that exposes and makes visible, the research draws connections between the photographic apparatus, the performative act and configurations of power and how these concepts operate through the construction of the gaze.

Context and background

The research endeavours to contribute to our understanding of the configuration of the gaze in photographic practice and reveal affinities between such a structure and relations of power. It addresses aspects of invisibility such as the space excluded by the borders of the photograph, empty spaces represented within the rectangle of paper, figurative absence, ocular obstructions and elements of concealment as activators of the desire to look.

The research considers the position of the photographic apparatus and the positioning of the photographer in public places, engaging in questions of who has the right to look and in what circumstances, with what technology. Whilst not autobiographical in its entirety, the research is stimulated by my personal history. It is influenced by my religious upbringing in Brazil and my later experiences of sexuality in London, where I have been living for the last 14 years.