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Elisa Alaluusua

Published date
19 Jun 2018

Sketchbooks – a qualitative analysis of the creative strategies used in sketchbooks

Chelsea College of Arts

How do artists use sketchbooks and how do they understand their sketchbooks as a part of their creative processes? This is a practice-led enquiry, using video interviews and the drawn image, working towards an installation piece with a view to better understand the function of the sketchbook within the creative strategies. The drawn image is used as a part of the process to collate, organise, and better understand the material. In order to gain a historical perspective and establish a classification system sketchbooks are also reviewed and analysed in archives. As a researcher, I place myself in the ethnographic tradition.

Alaluusua, Elisa (2016) Sketchbooks – A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Sketchbooks by Contemporary Artists. PhD thesis, University of the Arts London.


Professor Stephen Farthing

Dr Olivia Sagan

Stephen Scrivener