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Student research in fine art

Fine art research degrees cross a range of areas including painting, sculpture and drawing.

Examples of completed research degree projects in fine art can be found from the link below, with student names, Colleges, thesis titles and supervisors.

Digital versions of theses are available to view where possible.

  • Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat - Artistic Strategies for Influencing International Norm Development on Climate Change-Related Displacement
  • Denise Ackerl - Strategies of resistance in female performance practice and activism in the context of cognitive capitalism and new social media
  • Manoela dos Anjos Afonso - Language and place in the life of Brazilian women in London: writing life narratives through art practice
  • Elisa Alaluusua - Sketchbooks – a qualitative analysis of the creative strategies used in sketchbooks.
  • Fagner Bibiano - Out of sight: investigating perverse desire through photographic practice
  • Sam Burford - An exploration into the ongoing influence of computer technology on the production and documentation of sculpture.
  • Jessica Carden - Read Jessica Carden's doctoral research on The Black Body in Arctic Space: Revisioning Racialised Landscapes in the Films of John Akomfrah and Isaac Julien
  • Vasiliki Christouli - Site-specific Arts as Exploration of Special and Temporal Limitations
  • Paul Davis - Turing-completeness as medium: computers, art and intentionality.
  • Lorrice Douglas - Discreet Works
  • Alice Evans - The unreliable narrator as a critical technique within artists’ film and video
  • Alison Goodyear - Privileged, Unique and Temporary: Interpreting Aesthetic Experiences of the Painter-painting Relationship through an Address to and from Practice
  • Emma Gradin - Practice-based research on slowing down the experience of art in galleries, and slowing down curatorial work in general.
  • Sława Harasymowicz - Double Exposure: Memory, Post Memory and Autobiography as Practice.
  • Thomas Helyar-Cardwell - Examining the Battle Jacket as a multi-layered symbol, and locate its roots in heraldic and military image traditions and plot its subcultural development.
  • Sam Hopkins - The Memory of the Crowd: New Media representations of Kenyan Identities
  • Annice Hsueh - Out of context - reinterpretation of experience in interactive environment.
  • Samson Kambalu - 13th Room: The General Economy in Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contemporary African Art.
  • Kristiina Koskentola - Interconnected In-between – On the dynamics of abjections, animism, temporality and location in art practice.
  • James Lander - Storeys/stories of Ernö Goldfinger's Balfron Tower: archival investigations from a contested site.
  • Jin Ah Lee - Drawing a ‘New Map’ within Critical Cartography.
  • Lana Locke - The feral, the art object and agonistic struggle
  • Sharon Phelps - Agnes Martin: Painting as making and its relation to contemporary practice.
  • Amy McDonnell - Why do Artists Associate?: Assembling the Social through Group Practices.
  • Zoe Mendelson - Psychologies and Spaces of Accumulation: The hoard as collagist methodology (and other stories).
  • Scott Schwager - The relationship between visual arts, performing arts and curatorial areas: implications for collaboration and co-authorship.
  • Stephanie Spindler - The State of Being a Woman: A Phenomenological Identity
  • George Unsworth - The world is getting smaller: how spatial and temporal resources influence the production of contemporary art.
  • Anna Vickers - The discarded body – Concealing, art historical borrowing and the redundant gesture as strategies in contemporary painting.
  • Charlotte Webb - Towards an extra-subjective agency in web-based art practice.
  • Jenny Wright - Extending the field of drawing the body: fine art anatomical drawing and its relationship to developing medical technologies and procedures.
  • Hiroki Yamamoto - Decolonising Aesthetics: Socially Engaged Art in East Asia after 2000 from a Perspective of Postcolonialism