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Published date
29 May 2019

The TRANSFER (Trading Approaches to Nurturing Sustainable consumption in Fashion and Energy Retail) project will facilitate knowledge exchange between energy and fashion retailers regarding the promotion of sustainable consumption.

Principal Investigator: Christopher Jones (Psychology, University of Sheffield)
Co-Investigators: Lenny Koh (Management, Sheffield); Professor Helen Storey, Alex McIntosh, Professor Dilys Williams (University of the Arts London)
College: London College of Fashion

Project summary

Energy and fashion retailers face the common challenge of encouraging the reduced consumption of a saleable product in order to promote sustainability and conform to existing and emerging legislation, while simultaneously maintaining growth and financial prosperity.

Energy retailers are experienced in such practices having been legally required to promote energy-efficiency to consumers for some years. This is paired with a growing recognition among fashion retailers of the need to engage in activities that help to promote sustainable consumption among consumers.

The aims of this research are twofold:

  1. To bring together representatives of the energy and fashion retail sectors, with academic experts in psychology, management and fashion, to exchange best practice around the promotion of sustainable consumption to consumers
  2. To investigate how efforts to promote sustainable consumption within these sectors is received and responded to by consumers. In fulfilling these aims we hope to foster a more complete understanding of how initiatives in both sectors can be successfully designed and implemented in order to have maximum impact on the behaviour of consumers (e.g., energy use and clothing purchase practices).


Outputs realised from the research project