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Fashioning Efficient Metadata

Published date
25 Jul 2018

College: London College of Fashion
Main Funder: Technology Strategy Board

Project Summary

This project used the University’s expertise to increase efficiency in supply chain through metadata production and computer tools. It maps the dataflow through the business to facilitate supply chain efficiency and create standardisation.

  • It ensured measurement validation for manufacturing.
  • It created standards for measurement tolerances in tailoring.
  • It tested how the bodyscan data can be moved into production.
  • It shortened manufacturing production times.
  • It increased clothing manufacture in England.

The project developed middleware and web services, so fashion metadata is connected to content in the manufacturing and production chain. This enabled commercially valuable connections between the existing Electronic Resource Planning (ERP) systems, new software and digital tools and workflows from the concept, materials, and design stage.

This replaces traditional manual processes for embedding and tracking data throughout the production chain, improving on existing closed proprietary systems to allow more flexibility and scalability.