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Fashion Colloquia

Published date
25 Jul 2018

The Colloquium Series

The Fashion Colloquia is made up of a core network of 4 institutions, connected by their residence and involvement in the four big 'Fashion weeks' across the globe. As result, for the first time, members of this core network will use the occurrence of the fashion weeks to organize a series of colloquia to operate in tandem to the fashion weeks.

With the aim of attracting a rich variety of contributions from a broad selection of people - from academia, media and practice - and utilise contributions for uploading to a newly established international repository for fashion to be housed at the London College of Fashion, University of Arts of the London.

In February 2012, the next colloquium will be held in Milan, hosted by our network partner, The Domus Academy, followed by Paris in September 2012 at the Institut de la Mode and finally New York, with Parsons, The New School of Design, in February 2013.

At each colloquium there will be a mixture of specific themes, of particular relevance to the specific location, and series themes, which will allow different sets of contributions to be added and explored. Some events at each of the colloquia will be streamed 'live' to pre-registered users of the repository. We also aim to upload all of the content from each colloquium to the repository.

More information and a call for papers for the Milan Colloquia at The Domus Academy is now available on their Fashion Colloquia website.