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Modest Fashion Media and Markets: Perceptions and Realities, at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week

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Published date
20 April 2019

LCF’s Professor Reina Lewis takes Faith & Fashion to Istanbul Modest Fashion to explore the impact of modest dressing on global brands, regional markets, and mainstream and niche fashion media.

Joining Reina are Şahinat Erkılıç, Editor-in-Chief of Hijab In Style, Dilyara Sadrieva who launched the Modest Russia digital platform, and Hafsa Lodi, freelance journalist and stylist and frequent contributor to the National in the United Arab Emirates.

Drawing on their combined understandings of the Muslim modest fashion market around the world, the panel reflect on the opportunities and challenges presented to niche modest fashion brands and media by the current mainstream interest in modest styling.

In contrast to the creativity on display on the catwalk and in audience styling at Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, the panel reflect on why there is still a need to emphasise that modest dressing is characterised by variability and diversity rather than uniformity. Across the wider fashion industry, in fashion design, media, and marketing, the development of modest fashion expertise – regardless of individual religious or secular background and beliefs – may be about to become a career asset...