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Catalytic Clothing

Published date
29 May 2019

A public experiment between Fashion and Science - our endeavour to purify the air we breathe.

Principal Investigator at UAL: Professor Helen Storey

College: London College of Fashion

Project summary

Catalytic Clothing seeks to explore how clothing and textiles can be used as a catalytic surface to purify air, employing existing technology in a new way. It is the brainchild of artist/designer Professor Helen Storey MBE and chemist Tony Ryan - people from very different worlds whose minds have come together over recent years in highly successful art/science collaborations.

A series of cultural and art interventions will bring this forthcoming technology into the public domain, seeking to engage people. The exclusive full length version of our film (featuring, and with thanks to, model Erin O’Connor and Radiohead) introduces our public experiment between the worlds of Fashion and Science. This is our endeavour to purify the air we all breathe.

Catalytic Clothing emerged during Wonderland, which used 'dissolving dresses' to explore new ways to dispose of plastics (seen by 11 million people). Extending this collaborative model, Helen Storey aims to use clothing technology to improve health, and to directly engage the public and industry in its delivery.

Join us. Shape your world.


Outputs realised from the research project