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Lara Torres

Published date
22 May 2019

Towards a practice of unmaking: a strategy for critical fashion design practice

London College of Fashion

This practice-based PhD proposes the development of a strategy for critical fashion design in a research and design context that explores the intersection of fashion, fine arts and film methodologies. Towards a practice of unmaking, it explores fashion design in the expanded field, embracing fashion design practice as an artistic reflection, raising questions regarding the conditions and principles of the fashion system itself.

The research provides new insights into the way fashion designers develop approaches to what fashion can be. It investigates how strategies of undoing can expose the limits of current market-driven design processes. It documents the emergence and development of fashion film and fashion practices at the edge of the fashion discipline.

The research practice extends the potential of communicating through the medium of video, using the video essay format to critique and explore clothing within the current context of increased concerns about environmental issues. The researcher explores a video essay entitled 'This stands here as a sketch for the future'[1], influenced by dematerialised art practices from the 1970s.

[1] Professor Muriel Cooper’s letter to Jeffrey L. Cruikshank at MIT


Professor Sandy Black

Dr Thomas Makryniotis